"The sorrowing, the sick, the unwanted, the lonely, both young and old, rich and poor, all come to my window. No one listens, they tell me, and so I listen and tell them what they have just told me. And, I sit in silence, listening, letting them grieve. 'Julian, you are wise,' they say, 'You have been gifted with understanding.' All I did was listen. For I believe full surely that God's spirit is in us all, giving light, wisdom, understanding, speaking words in us when we cannot speak, showing us gently what we would not see; what we are afraid to see; so that we may show pity, mercy, forgiveness to ourselves.

"There is no creature that is made that may know how much and how tenderly and how sweetly our Maker loveth us, for He loveth and liketh us and so willeth He that we love and like Him and mightily trust in Him."

- "Julian" by J. Janda

Rev. Linda LovingWelcome to JulianOfNorwich.com.  Within this site, you will find information about the fourteenth-century anchoress Julian as well as descriptions and information about Rev. Linda Loving and her one-woman dramatic portrayal of Julian in the production by playwright J. Janda.

NEWS: The play "Julian" featuring Ms. Loving was filmed on location in Norwich, England this summer!  Production services were provided by Paul Auguston and Edie French of Location Images. Copies of this performance are on sale now.

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